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Volume 1

Volume 1 Number 1

  • Douglass, A.E. 1934. Editorial. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(1):2-3.

  • Glock, W.S. 1934. Report on the First Tree-Ring conference. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(1):4-6.

  • McGregor, J.C. 1934. Dates from the Tsegi. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(1):6-8.

Volume 1 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1934. Accuracy in dating- I. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(2):10-11.

  • Glock, W.S. 1934. Necessary information on tree-ring specimens from living trees. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(2):12.

  • Haury, E.W. 1934. Climate and Human History. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(2):13-15.

  • Miller, C.F. Jr. 1934. Report of dates on the Allantown, Arizona, ruins. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(2):15-16.

Volume 1 Number 3

  • Douglass, A.E. 1935. Accuracy in dating - II. The presentation of evidence. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(3):19-21.

  • Getty, H.T. 1935. New dates from Mesa Verde. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(3):21-23.

  • Peterson, A. 1935. Specimens from the Pueblo area collected by the first Beam Expedition 1923. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(3):23-24.

Volume 1 Number 4

  • Douglass, A.E. 1935. Estimated ring chronology I: 1800-1934. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(4):27.
  • Getty, H.T. 1935. New dates for spruce tree house, Mesa Verde. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(4):28-29.
  • Baldwin, G.C. 1935. Dates from Kinishba Pueblo. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(4):30.
  • Miller, C.F. Jr. 1935. Additional dates from the Allantown, Arizona, ruins. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(4):31.
  • Index to Tree-Ring Bulletin, Vol. I. Tree-Ring Bulletin 1(4):32.

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Volume 2

Volume 2 Number 1

  • Haury, E. 1935. Dates from Gila Pueblo. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(1):3-4.

  • Getty, H.T. 1935. Second annual Tree Ring conference. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(1):4-5.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1935. Estimated ring chronology III: 1500-1650. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(1):6.

  • McGregor, G.C. 1935. Book review: A.E. Douglass. 1935. "Dating Pueblo Bonito and Other Ruins of the Southwest": National Geographic Society, Pueblo Bonito Series No. 1. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(1):7.

  • Colton, H.S. 1935. Book review: F.M. Hawley. 1934. "The significance of the dated history of Chetro Ketl, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico": University of New Mexico, Bulletin, Monograph Series, Volume 1, Number 1. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(1):8.

Volume 2 Number 2

  • Baldwin, G.C. 1935. Ring record of the Great Drought (1276-1299) in eastern Arizona. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(2):11-12.

  • Davis, H.F. 1935. The photography of FA-21. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(2):12-16

  • Douglass, A.E. 1935. Estimated ring chronology IV: 1350-1500. Chronology V: 1200-1350. Chronology VI: 1050-1200. Chronology VII: 900-1050. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(2):13-16.

Volume 2 Number 3

  • Schulman, E. 1936. Tree-rings and cycle analysis. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(3):19-22.

  • Hargrave, L.L. 1936. The field collector of beam material. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(3):22-24.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1936. Estimated ring chronology VIII: 750-900. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(3):24.

Volume 2 Number 4

  • Douglass, A.E. 1936. The central Pueblo chronology. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(4):29-34.

  • Morris, E.H. 1936. Archaeological Background of dates in early Arizona Chronology. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(4):34-36.

  • McGregor, J.C. 1936. Additional dates from Tsegi. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(4):37.

  • Index to Volume II. Tree-Ring Bulletin 2(4):38.

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Volume 3 Number 1

  • Anonymous. 1936. Third Annual Tree Ring Conference. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(1):3-4.

  • Glock, W.S. 1936. Tree rings in branches. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(1):5-6.

  • Stallings, Jr., W.S. 1936. Dates from Gallo Canyon, east-central New Mexico. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(1):6-8.

Volume 3 Number 2

  • McGregor, J.C. 1936. The effects of a volcanic cinder fall on tree growth. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(2):11-13.

  • Stallings, Jr., W.S. 1936. Dates from Five Kiva House, Utah. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(2):13-14.

  • McGregor, J.C. 1936. Dates from Tsegi and Nalakihu. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(2):15-16.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1936. Estimated ring chronology IX: 600-750. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(2):16.

Volume 3 Number 3

  • Senter, D. 1937. The application of tree-ring analysis to deposition problems in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(3):19-20.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1937. Typical ring-record from Chaco Canyon: 700 to 850, CK-331. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(3):20-21.

  • Schulman, E. 1937. Selection of trees for climatic study. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(3):22-23.

  • Peterson, A. 1937. Further data on first beam expedition specimens, 1923. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(3):23-24.

Volume 3 Number 4

  • Stallings, Jr., W.S., Schulman, E., Douglass, A.E. 1937. Some early papers on tree-rings: I. J. Keuchler. II. J.C. Kapteyn. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(4):27-28.

  • Schulman, E. 1937. Some early papers on tree rings: J.C. Kapteyn. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(4):28-29.

  • Schulman, E. 1937. Review of some recent papers on tree-ring and climate. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(4):29-31.

  • Index to Volume III. Tree-Ring Bulletin 3(4):31-32.

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Volume 4 Number 1

  • Anonymous. 1937. Fourth Annual Tree-Ring Conference. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(1):2.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1937. Tree-ring work, 1937. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(1):3-6.

  • Haury, E., Flora, I.F. 1937. Basket-maker III dates from the vicinity of Durango, Colorado. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(1):7-8.

Volume 4 Number 2

  • Haury, E.W. 1937. Editorial. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(2):2.

  • Stallings, W.S. 1937. Southwestern dated ruins: I. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(2):3-5.

  • Willey, G.R. 1937. Notes on central Georgia dendrochronology. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(2):6-8.

Volume 4 Number 3

  • Anonymous. 1938. Tree-ring laboratory [announcement of creation of laboratory at University of Arizona]. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(3):2.

  • Haury, E.W. 1938. Southwestern dated ruins II. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(3):3-4.

  • Schulman, E. 1938. Classification of false annual rings in Monterey pine. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(3):4-7.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1938. Estimated tree-ring chronology: 450-600 A.D.. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(3):8.

Volume 4 Number 4

  • Giddings, Jr. J.L. 1938. Buried wood from Fairbanks, Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(4):3-5.

  • McGregor, J.C. 1938. Southwestern dated ruins:III Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(4):6.

  • Glock, W.S. 1938. Tree-ring dating: Factors pertaining to accuracy. Tree-Ring Bulletin 4(4):6-8.

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Volume 5 Number 1

  • Hawley Senter, F. 1938. Dendrochronology in two Mississippi drainage tree-ring areas. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(1):3-6.

  • Hawley Senter, F.M. 1938. Southwestern dated ruins: IV. Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(1):6-7.

  • Eisendrath, Jr. D.B. 1938. On photographing the rings of oak specimens. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(1):7-8.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1938. Estimated tree-ring chronology: 300-450 A.D. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(1):8.

Volume 5 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1938. Southwestern dated ruins: V. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(2):10-13.

  • Lassetter, R. 1938. The value of tree-ring analysis in engineering. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(2):13-15.

  • Giddings, Jr., J.L. 1938. Recent tree-ring work in Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(2):16.

Volume 5 Number 3

  • Douglass, A.E. 1939. Estimated tree-ring chronology: 150-300 A.D. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(3):18-20.

  • Brady, L.F. 1939. An effect of starvation on pine trees. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(3):20-23.

  • Baldwin, G.C. 1939. Dates from King's Ruin. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(3):23-24. 

Volume 5 Number 4

  • Colton, H.S. 1939. The date of Three Turkey House. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(4):26.

  • Lyon, C.J. 1939. Objectives and methods in New England tree-ring studies. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(4):27-30.

  • Hall, Jr., E.T. 1939. A method of obtaining a place surface on charcoal. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(4):31.

  • Index to Volume 5. Tree-Ring Bulletin 5(4):32.

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Volume 6 Number 1

  • Douglass, A.E. 1939. Editorial. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(1):2.

  • Lassetter.R. 1939. Fifth Annual Tree-Ring Conference. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(1):2-3.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1939. Notes on beam dating by sap-heart contact. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(1):3-6.

  • Peterson, A. 1939. Third Report on Hopi specimens: Collections of second beam expedition, 1928. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(1):6-8.

Volume 6 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1939. Typical site of trees producing the best crossdating. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(2):10-11.

  • Schulman, E. 1939. Classification of false annual rings in west Texas pine. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(2):11-13.

  • Schulman, E. and Baldwin, G.C. 1939. The chronology in OL-12, a dissected ponderosa. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(2):13-16.

Volume 6 Number 3

  • Weakly, H.E. 1940. Tree rings as a record of precipitation in western Nebraska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(3):18-19.

  • Fritz, E. 1940. Problems in dating rings of California coast redwood. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(3):19-21.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1940. Examples of spiral compression wood. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(3):21-22.

  • Schulman, E. 1940. Climatic chronology in some coast redwoods. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(3):22-23.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1940. Compression wood and the recent chronology in Mesa Verde firs. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(3):23-24.

Volume 6 Number 4

  • Douglass, A.E. 1940. Editorial: A bibliography. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(4):26-27.

  • Schulman, E. 1940. A bibliography of tree-ring analysis. Tree-Ring Bulletin 6(4):27-38.

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Volume 7 Number 1

  • Douglass, A.E. 1940. Notes on the technique of tree-ring analysis, I. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(1):2-8.

Volume 7 Number 2

  • Giddings, Jr., J.L. 1940. The application of tree-ring dates to Arctic sites. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(2):10-14.

  • Scantling, F.H. 1940. Tree-ring dates from a Mormon church. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(2):14.

  • Haury, E. 1940. New tree-ring dates from the Forestdale Valley, east-central Arizona. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(2):14-16.

Volume 7 Number 3

  • Schulman, E. 1941. Douglas fir chronology in Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(3):18-19.

  • Meyer, H.A. 1941. Growth fluctuations of virgin hemlock from northern Pennsylvania. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(3):20-23.

  • Lyon, C.J. 1941. Inter-correlations between growth rates of conifers in northern New England. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(3):24-26.

Volume 7 Number 4

  • Douglass, A.E. 1941. Notes on the technique of tree-ring analysis, II: Cell illumination. Tree-Ring Bulletin 7(4):28-34.

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Volume 8 Number 1

  • Getty, H.T. 1941. Sixth Annual Tree-Ring Conference. Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(1):2-3.

  • Stallings, W.S. Jr. 1941. A Basketmaker II Date from Cave du Pont, Utah. Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(1):3-6.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1941. Age of Forestdale Ruin excavated in 1939. Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(1):7-8.

Volume 8 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1941. Notes on the technique of tree-ring analysis, III: Charcoal treatment. Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(2):10-16.

Volume 8 Number 3

  • McGregor, J.C. 1942. Dates from Wupatki Pueblo Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(3):18-21.

  • McGregor, J.C. 1942. Dates from Kinnikinnick Pueblo. Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(3):21-23.

  • Knipe, D.A. 1942. A date from Chaco Yuma West, southern Arizona. Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(3):24. 

  • Miller, J.L. 1942. Dates from Fort Grant Pueblo, southern Arizona Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(3):24.

Volume 8 Number 4

  • Schulman, E. 1942. Variations between ring chronologies in and near the Colorado River drainage area. Tree-Ring Bulletin 8(4):26-32.

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Volume 9 Number 1

  • Giddings, Jr., J.L. 1942. Dated sites on the Kobuk River, Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 9(1):2-8.

Volume 9 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1942. Checking the date of Bluff Ruin, Forestdale: A study in technique. Tree-Ring Bulletin 9(2):2-7.

  • Haury, E.W. 1942. Some implications of the Bluff Ruin Dates. Tree-Ring Bulletin 9(2):7-8.

Volume 9 Number 3

  • Douglass, A.E. 1943. Advances in dendrochronology, 1943. Tree-Ring Bulletin 9(3):18-24.

Volume 9 Number 4

  • Giddings, Jr., J.L. 1943. Some climatic aspects of tree growth in Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 9(4):26-32.

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Volume 10 Number 1

  • Douglass, A.E. 1943. Notes on the technique of tree-ring analysis, IV: Practical instruments. Tree-Ring Bulletin 10(1-2):2-8.

Volume 10 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1943. Notes on the technique of tree-ring analysis, V: Practical instruments. Tree-Ring Bulletin 10(1-2):10-16.

Volume 10 Number 3

  • Schulman, E. 1944. Dendrochronology in Mexico, I. Tree-Ring Bulletin 10(3):18-24.

Volume 10 Number 4

  • Lutz, H.J. 1944. Swamp-grown eastern white pine and hemlock in Connecticut as dendrochronological material. Tree-Ring Bulletin 10(4):26-28.

  • Moinat, A.D. 1944. Annual growth of pines in the San Juan basin, Colorado, as related to precipitation and streamflow. Tree-Ring Bulletin 10(4):29-30.

  • Schulman, E. 1944. Notes on dendrochronology at the Arnold Arboretum. Tree-Ring Bulletin 10(4):30-32.

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Volume 11 Number 1  

  • Schulman, E. 1944. Tree-ring work in Scandinavia. Tree-Ring Bulletin 11(1):2-6.

  • Gindel, J. 1944. Aleppo pine as a medium for tree-ring analysis. Tree-Ring Bulletin 11(1):6-8.

Volume 11 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1944. Tabulation of dates for Bluff Ruin, Forestdale, Arizona. Tree-Ring Bulletin 11(2):10-16.

Volume 11 Number 3

  • Schulman, E. 1945. Tree-rings and runoff in the South Platte River basin. Tree-Ring Bulletin 11(3):18-24.

Volume 11 Number 4

  • Douglass, A.E. 1945. Survey of sequoia studies. Tree-Ring Bulletin 11(4):26-32.

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Volume 12 Number 1

  • Schulman, E. 1945. Root growth-rings and chronology. Tree-Ring Bulletin 12(1):2-5.

  • Schulman, E. 1945. The range of ring sensitivity. Tree-Ring Bulletin 12(1):5-8.

Volume 12 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1945. Survey of sequoia studies, II. Tree-Ring Bulletin 12(2):10-16.

Volume 12 Number 3

  • Schulman, E. 1946. Dendrochronology at Mesa Verde National Park. Tree-Ring Bulletin 12(3):18-24.

Volume 12 Number 4

  • Hall, E.T. Jr. 1946. Preserving and surfacing rotted wood and charcoal. Tree-Ring Bulletin 12(4):26-27.

  • Scantling, F.H. 1946. Photography of charcoal. Tree-Ring Bulletin 12(4):27-32.

  • Errata. (Papers dealing with the Flagstaff area - contributed by the Museum of Northern Arizona). Tree-Ring Bulletin 12(4):32.

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Volume 13 Number 1 

  • Lyon, C.J. 1946. Hemlock chronology in New England. Tree-Ring Bulletin 13(1):2-4.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1946. Sequoia survey-III: Miscellaneous notes. Tree-Ring Bulletin 13(1):5-8.

Volume 13 Number 2-3

  • Schulman, E. 1947. Dendrochronologies in southwestern Canada. Tree-Ring Bulletin 13(2-3):10-24.

Volume 13 Number 4

  • Giddings, Jr., J.L. 1947. Mackenzie River delta chronology. Tree-Ring Bulletin 13(4):26-29.

  • Smiley, T.L. 1947. Dates from a surface pueblo at Mesa Verde. Tree-Ring Bulletin 13(4):30-32.

  • Watson, D. 1947. Note on the dating of Pipe Shrine House. Tree-Ring Bulletin 13(4):32.

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Volume 14 Number 1

  • Schulman, E. 1947. An 800-year Douglas fir at Mesa Verde. Tree-Ring Bulletin 14(1):2-8.

Volume 14 Number 2

  • Douglass, A.E. 1947. Photographic tree-ring chronologies and the Flagstaff sequence. Tree-Ring Bulletin 14(2):10-16.

Volume 14 Number 3

  • Schulman, E. 1948. Dendrochronology at Navajo National Monument. Tree-Ring Bulletin 14(3):18-24.

Volume 14 Number 4

  • Giddings, Jr., J.L. 1948. Chronology of the Kobuk-Kotzebue sites. Tree-Ring Bulletin 14(4):26-32.

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Volume 15 Number 1-2 [Missing]

  • Schulman, E. 1948. Dendrochronology in northeastern Utah. Tree-Ring Bulletin 15(1-2):2-14.

Volume 15 Number 3 [Missing]

  • Campbell, T.N. 1949. The pioneer tree-ring work of Jacob Kuechler. Tree-Ring Bulletin 15(3):16-20.

  • Smiley, T.L. 1949. Tree-ring dates from Point of Pines. Tree-Ring Bulletin 15(3):20-21.

  • Schulman, E. 1949. Chronology characters at ruins in the Gila Basin. Tree-Ring Bulletin 15(3):21-22.

Volume 15 Number 4

  • Douglass, A.E. 1949. Note on the early Durango Collections. Tree-Ring Bulletin 15(4):24.

  • Schulman, E. 1949. Early chronologies in the San Juan Basin. Tree-Ring Bulletin 15(4):24-32.

  • Morris, E.H. 1949. Basketmaker II Dwellings near Durango, Colorado Tree-Ring Bulletin 15(4):33-34.

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Volume 16 Number 1

  • Douglass, A.E. 1949. A superior sequoia ring record. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(1):2-6.

  • Oswalt, W. 1949. Dated houses at Squirrel River, Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(1):7-8.

Volume 16 Number 2

  • Ferguson, C.W. 1949. Additional dates for Nine Mile Canyon, northeastern Utah. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(2):10-11.

  • Schulman, E. 1949. An extension of the Durango chronology. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(2):12-16.

Volume 16 Number 3 

  • Schulman, E. 1950. A dated beam from Dinosaur National Monument. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(3):18-19.

  • Burgh, R.F. 1950. A Fremont Basket Maker house in Dinosaur National Monument, Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(3):19-20.

  • Schulman, E. 1950. Miscellaneous Ring Records. I., Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(3):21.

  • Smiley, T.L. 1950. Miscellaneous Ring Records. II. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(3):22-23.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1950. A superior sequoia ring record. II. A.D. 870-1209. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(3):24.

Volume 16 Number 4

  • Oswalt, W. 1950. Spruce borings from the lower Yukon River, Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(4):26-30.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1950. A superior sequoia ring record. III. A.D. 360-886. Tree-Ring Bulletin 16(4):31-32.

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Volume 17 Number 1-2  

  • Schulman, E. 1950. Dendroclimatic histories in the Bryce Canyon area, Utah. Tree-Ring Bulletin 17(1-2):2-16.

Volume 17 Number 3 [Missing]

  • Ferguson, C.W. Jr. 1951. Early height growth in Douglas fir. Tree-Ring Bulletin 17(3):18-20.

  • Bannister, B. 1951. Tree-ring dates for the Gallina area, New Mexico. Tree-Ring Bulletin 17(3):21-22.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1951. A superior sequoia ring record. IV. 7 B.C. - A.D. 372. Tree-Ring Bulletin 17(3):23-24.

Volume 17 Number 4

  • Hall, E.T. Jr. 1951. Southwestern dated ruins. VI. Tree-Ring Bulletin 17(4):26-28.

  • Schulman, E. 1951. Miscellaneous ring records. III. Tree-Ring Bulletin 17(4):28-30.

  • Douglass, A.E. 1951. A superior sequoia ring record. V. 271 B.C. - 1 B.C. Tree-Ring Bulletin 17(4):31-32.

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Volume 18 Number 1 

  • Giddings, Jr., J.L. 1951. The forest edge at Norton Bay, Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 18(1):2-6.

  • Oswalt, W.H. 1951. The origin of driftwood at Hooper Bay, Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 18(1):6-8.

Volume 18 Number 2-3

  • Schulman, E. 1952. Definitive dendrochronologies: a progress report. Tree-Ring Bulletin 18(2-3):10-18.

  • Schulman, E. 1952. Dendrochronology in Big Bend National Park, Texas. Tree-Ring Bulletin 18(2-3):18-27.

Volume 18 Number 4

  • Schulman, E. 1952. Extension of the San Juan chronology to B.C. times. Tree-Ring Bulletin 18(4):30-35.

  • Morris E.H. 1952. Note on the Durango dates. Tree-Ring Bulletin 18(4):36.

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Volume 19 Number 1 

  • Transtrom H.L. 1952. A large increment borer. Tree-Ring Bulletin 19(1):2-4.

  • Oswalt, W. 1952. Spruce samples from the Copper River drainage, Alaska. Tree-Ring Bulletin 19(1):5-10.

Volume 19 Number 2

  • Ferguson, Jr., C.W., Black, D.M. 1952. Tree-ring chronologies on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Tree-Ring Bulletin 19(2):12-18.

Volume 19 Number 3-4

  • Schulman, E. 1953. Rio Grande chronologies. Tree-Ring Bulletin 19(3-4):20-33.

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Volume 20 Number 1 

Volume 20 Number 2 

Volume 20 Number 3-4

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Volume 21 

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Volume 22  

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Volume 23 

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Volume 24 Number 1-2 

Volume 24 Number 3-4

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Volume 25 Number 1-2

  • Fritts, H.C. 1962. The relation of growth ring widths in American beech and white oak to variations in climate. Tree-Ring Bulletin 25(1-2):2-10.

  • Ferguson, C.W. 1962. The Tree-Ring Society: May 1962 meetings. Tree-Ring Bulletin 25(1-2):11.

Volume 25 Number 3-4

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Volume 26

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Volume 27 Number 1-2

  • Anonymous. 1965. James Louis Giddings, 1909-1964 (obituary). Tree-Ring Bulletin 27(1-2):2.

  • Fritts, H.C., Smith, D.G., Budelsky, C.A., Cardis, J.W. 1965. The variability of ring characteristics within trees as shown by a reanalysis of four ponderosa pine. Tree-Ring Bulletin 27(1-2):3-18.

Volume 27 Number 3-4

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Volume 28 (The Dendrochronology of the Wetherill Mesa Archaeology Project, Contribution No. 42 of the Wetherill Mesa Archaeology Project)

  • Osborne, D., Nichols, R.F. 1967. Introduction. Tree-Ring Bulletin 28:3-6.

  • Smith, D.G., Nichols, R.F. 1967. A tree-ring chronology for climatic analysis. In: The Dendrochronology of the Wetherill Mesa Archaeological Project. Tree-Ring Bulletin 28:7-12.

  • Nichols, R.F., Harlan, T.P. 1967. Archaeological tree-ring dates from Wetherill Mesa. Tree-Ring Bulletin 28:13-40 (appendices and graphs attached).

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Volume 29 Number 1-2   

Volume 29 Number 3-4 (Bristlecone Pine Issue)

  • Ferguson, C.W. 1969. A 7104-year annual tree-ring chronology for bristlecone pine, Pinus aristata, from the White Mountains, California. Tree-Ring Bulletin 29(3-4):3-29.

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Volume 30 

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Volume 31 

  • Stockton, C.W., Fritts, H.C. 1971. Conditional probability of occurrence for variations in climate based on the width of annual tree rings in Arizona. Tree-Ring Bulletin 31:3-24.

  • Naylor, T.H. 1971. Dendrochronology in Oaxaca, Mexico: a preliminary study. Tree-Ring Bulletin 31:25-29.

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Volume 32  

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Volume 33  

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Volume 34 

  • LaMarche, Jr., V.C. 1974. Frequency-dependent relationships between tree-ring series along an ecological gradient and some dendrochronological implications. Tree-Ring Bulletin 34:1-20.

  • LaMarche, Jr., V.C., Stockton, C.W. 1974. Chronologies from temperature-sensitive bristlecone pines at upper treeline in western United States. Tree-Ring Bulletin 34:21-45.

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Volume 35 

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Volume 36 

  • Ermich, K., Rutkowski, B., Bednarz, Z, Feliksik, E. 1976. The degree of similarity of dendrochronological curves as an indicator of site conditions. Tree-Ring Bulletin 36:1-8.

  • Robinson, W.J. 1976. Tree-ring dating and archaeology in the American southwest. Tree-Ring Bulletin 36:9-20.

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Volume 37 

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Volume 38 

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Volume 39 

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Volume 40 

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Volume 41 

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Volume 42 

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Volume 43 

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Volume 44 

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Volume 45 

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Volume 46  

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Volume 47 

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Volume 48 

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Volume 49 

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Volume 50

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Volume 51

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Volume 52

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Volume 53 

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Volume 54 

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Volume 55 was not published to bring volumes up to date.

Volume 56 

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Volume 57 Number 1 

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Volume 57 Number 2

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Volume 58

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Volume 59 Number 1 

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Volume 59 Number 2

  • Tree-Ring Society Executive Board. 2003. Tree-Ring Research 59(2):52.

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  • Addendum. D'Arrigo et al. 2001. "Tree-ring records from Black Rock Forest, NY", Tree-Ring Research 57:183-190. Tree-Ring Research 59(2):115.

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  • Volume 60 Number 1 
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  • Volume 60 Number 2
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  • Volume 61 Number 1 (2005)
  • Fowler, A., Lorrey, A., Crossley, P. 2005. Seasonal growth characteristics of Kauri. Tree-Ring Research 61(1):3–19.

  • Helama, S., Lindholm, M., Meriläinen, J., Timonen, M., Eronen, M. 2005. Multicentennial ring-width chronologies of Scots pine along a north-south gradient across Finland.  Tree-Ring Research 61(1):21–32.

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  • Volume 61 Number 2
  • Garfin, G.M., Hughes, M.K., Yu, L., Burns, J.M., Touchan, R., Leavitt, S.W., Zhisheng, A. 2005. Exploratory temperature and precipitation reconstructions from the Qinling Mountains, north-central China. Tree-Ring Research 61(2):59–72.

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  • Volume 63, Number 1 (2007)
  • Liu, Y., Sun, J., Yang, Y., Cai, Q., Song, H., Shi, J., An, Z., Li, X., 2007. Tree-ring-derived precipitation records from Inner Mongolia, China, since A.D. 1627. Tree-Ring Research 63(1):3-14.

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  • BOOK REVIEW— TRACE Proceedings, Steven W. Leavitt, Tree-Ring Research 63(1):63-64.

  • IN MEMORIAM— Bernhard Denneler. Tree-Ring Research 63(1):65.

  • Volume 63, Number 2 (2007)
  • Stanton, S., 2007. Effects of dwarf mistletoe on climate response of mature ponderosa pine trees. Tree-Ring Research 63(2):69-80.

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  • Volume 64, Number 1 (2008)
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  • Volume 64, Number 2 (2008)
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  • Volume 65, Number 1 (2009)
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  • Volume 65, Number 2 (2009)
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  • Volume 67, Number 1 (2011)
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  • Volume 67, Number 2 (2011)
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  • Volume 68, Number 1 (2012)
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  • Volume 68, Number 2 (2012)
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  • Volume 69, Number 1 (2013)
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  • Volume 69, Number 2 (2013)
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  • Volume 70, Number 1 (2014)
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  • Volume 70, Number 2 (2014)
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  • Volume 70, Number 3 (2014) [Published jointly with the journal Radiocarbon]
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Volume 71, Number 1 (2015) [Note that this is the first issue published online.]

  • Hallman, C., Arnott, H., 2015.  Morphological and physiological phenology of Pinus longaeva in the White Mountains of California.  Tree-Ring Research 71(1):1-12.

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  • IN MEMORIAM— Gordon Jacoby Jr., Tree-Ring Research 71(1):45-46.

  • IN MEMORIAM— Vincent Roy Switsur, Tree-Ring Research 71(1):47-49.

  • IN MEMORIAM— Thomas G. Siccama, Tree-Ring Research 71(1):51-52.

  • Volume 71, Number 2 (2015)
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  • Minor, J.J., Arizpe, A.H., 2015. Trimming and planing rough-cut wood for efficient dendrochronological sample preparation and storage. Tree-Ring Research 71(2):130-134.

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Volume 72, Number 1 (2016)
  • DeRose, J.R., Bekker, M.F., Kjelgren, R., Buckley, B.M., Speer, J.H., Allen, E.B., 2016.  Dendrochronology of Utah juniper (Juniperus osteosperma (Torr.) Little). Tree-Ring Research 72(1):1-14.
  • Gentilesca, T., Todaro, L., Ripullone, F., Saracino, A., Moretti, N., Borghetti, M., 2016.  Dating wooden beams from the Grancia Monastic Abbey in southern Italy. Tree-Ring Research 72(1):15-22.
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 Volume 73, Number 1 (2017)
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Volume 74, Number 2 (2018)

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 Volume 75, Number 1 (2019)

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 Volume 75, Number 2 (2019)

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Volume 76, Number 1 (2020)

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 Volume 76, Number 2 (2020)

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    Volume 77, Number 1 (2021)
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       Volume 77, Number 2 (2021)
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      Volume 78, Number 1 (2022)

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       Volume 78, Number 2 (2022)

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          Volume 79, Number 1 (2023)

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          Volume 79, Number 2 (2023)

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