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TRS ELECTIONS for the 2018-2020 Executive Council
are ongoing until December 4, 2017.

Active members should have already received a link to the ballot to their registered email address.  If you are not currently a member of TRS, you are warmly invited to join and can vote for Council members before the December 4th deadline.  Go to our Member page and join online.  Note that membership entitles you to reduced registration at the World Dendro in Bhutan this coming June and the AmeriDendro meetings, and to access to our journal Tree-Ring Research.  If you have questions please contact Lori Wilson at trslori [at] gmail [dot] com

Nominees for the Tree-Ring Society’s Executive Council, 2018-2020

Nominees' Statements


Stockton Maxwell

Stockton Maxwell (PhD West Virginia University) is an associate professor of Geospatial Science at Radford University where he leads a small, undergraduate only tree-ring lab. His research focuses on paleoclimate reconstruction and dendroecology. He has been involved with the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek (NADEF) as a student, instructor, and co-organizer since 2005. Stockton has also presented and organized often at the American Association of Geographers and American Geophysical Union conferences. He envisions a revitalized and inclusive Tree Ring Society with more opportunities for student and early career research awards, broader engagement with the scientific community and public, and a growing academic journal. He believes we can achieve these goals by applying for external grants, launching fund drives, building a formal relationship with NADEF, growing opportunities for women and minorities, establishing outreach to K-12 and undergraduate programs, and generating publicity for our flagship publication. 

Iain Robertson

Based upon my experience as the Vice-President of the Tree-Ring Society, I am delighted to apply for the role of President. I have 25-years’ experience as a dendrochronologist specializing in the use of stable isotopes to reconstruct past environmental conditions. For the last 11-years I have been an Associate Editor of Tree-Ring Research. 

I have an inter-disciplinary background that is ideally suited for this post. I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge before moving to Pretoria to run the radiocarbon dating laboratory. I am currently a Reader at Swansea University actively involved in projects from the dating of baobabs to drought reconstruction in Ethiopia. I am passionate about teaching and established a successful environmental MSc that attracts thirty students/year.  If elected I will increase membership and actively promote the TRS. I support TRR having no page charges for short articles and Open Access for a modest fee.

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Jodi Axelson

Please consider my application to become the Vice-President of the Tree-Ring Society. I am an assistant specialist in forest health at the University of California Berkeley with over 10 years’ experience in dendrochronology. My research interests are broadly focused on forest-insect dynamics and I am strongly inter-disciplinary drawing from the fields of biogeography, forestry, disturbance ecology, and forest entomology. More recently I began cultivating expertise in wood anatomy and have collaborated with researchers in Canada, the U.S. and Switzerland. I have co-led groups with NADEF three times and will lead a dendroentomology group in Wyoming in 2018. I am an engaged member of the tree-ring community participating in AmeriDendro, and organizing and presenting in dendrochronology sessions at the American Association of Geographers annual meeting. I am a passionate advocate of dendrochronology, and as Vice-President I will promote diversity in the TRS and in natural science disciplines, particularly forestry.

Yu Liu

Dr. and Professor, Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IEECAS).  I have been engaged in dendrochronology 30 years, publishing more than 170 peer-reviewed papers.  I have been a lifetime member of the Tree-Ring Society (TRS) since 2006, and I seek to serve the TRS as Vice President.  I was the second Chairman of the Asian Dendrochronological Association (ADA) and successfully organized the 2nd International ADA Conference in 2011.  I have been the Chairman of the Chinese Tree-Ring Society for 9 years.  I am the Director of IEECAS, Director of the tree-ring lab of IEECAS.  I promote development of Asian tree-ring research and actively cooperate with international dendrochronologists.  If elected Vice President of TRS, I will continue to promote dendrochronology and the TRS global mission, helping recruit new members into the TRS and sharing my perspectives on Asian dendrochronology and how TRS may better interact with it.

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Chris Gentry

I am an Associate Professor of Geography at Austin Peay State University and Communications Officer for the Tree-Ring Society. I have been a member of the TRS Executive Council since 2015 and I am co-organizer for the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek. Part of my responsibilities with TRS and NADEF are to manage outward communication, help increase membership/attendance through promotion of our activities, and maintain documentation of these endeavors. I have also been heavily involved in organizing dendrochronology sessions at the Association of American Geographers annual meetings. This includes distributing the call for papers, communicating with presenters, session chairs, and co-organizers, and keeping documentation of these activities. As secretary of TRS, I will maintain appropriate records to ensure all policies related to our non-profit status are maintained, provide relevant information for dissemination to members, and work with the executive council to promote TRS, increase membership, and provide leadership within the society.


Steve Leavitt

Professor and Assoc. Director, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona, Tucson. I am seeking an 8th term as Editor of Tree-Ring Research (TRR) to provide continued stability to TRR and a steady flow of publications within the resource constraints of the Society. TRR received 59 manuscript submissions in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and TRR collectively published 36 items in Volumes 71 (2015), 72 (2016), and 73 (2017). The most recent ISI Impact Factor for Tree-Ring Research (2016) is 1.769; TRR’s 5-year Impact Factor is 1.966. Our cadre of prominent TRR Associate Editors has been increased to 11 to handle the increasing number of submissions, in turn supported by the many reviewers who have generously contributed their time to our success.

Tree-Ring Research is an important international venue for publication on numerous topics in our field. I respectfully request your support to serve as TRR Editor for the 2018-2020 term.

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Elaine Kennedy Sutherland 

I am a Research Biologist with the US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station and affiliate faculty at the University of Montana.  In my work I examine and apply knowledge about disturbance regimes in forests.  I lead a software development group (FHAES) for fire regime analysis, recently broadening our scope to develop a new data framework for paleoevent data.  I’m qualified to be Treasurer as I’ve developed and managed budgets professionally for 25 years.   In past Councils I’ve enacted the use of online technology to enhance financial efficiency.  To encourage membership, I developed a new fee structure that reduces cost for emeritus members and for colleagues in developing countries.  I led the effort to make the Society a recognized non-profit organization (501(c)3) so it can accept donations. I will solicit and enact ideas to raise funds so TRS can continue its mission of promoting dendrochronological research and education.

Ron Towner

I am honored to be re-nominated for Treasurer of the Tree-Ring Society, the premier dendrochronological advocacy group in the western hemisphere. I have spent the past 25 years conducting dendrochronological and dendroarchaeological research in the US Southwest and elsewhere. I have been a student, research, and professor at the LTRR at the University of Arizona since 1990, and have served on the Board of numerous non-profit organizations.  The TRS must continue to inform and educate others about the tremendous potential of tree-ring data to address questions about our environment and humanity’s role in it. As treasurer, my goals will be to ensure that the Society’s financial future is on solid footing. We need to grow the Society to spread our message, but must do so with our fiduciary responsibilities firmly in mind. We must have a long-term view that serves the membership through publications, activities and fundraising.

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Ze'ev Gedalof

I completed my MSc at the University of Victoria Tree Ring Laboratory, and my PhD in the Fire and Mountain Ecology lab at the University of Washington.  Since 2004 I have been the director of the Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics Research (CEDaR) laboratory at the University of Guelph.  I have been a member of the Tree Ring Society for at least 17 years, and attended the meetings in Mendoza, Beijing, Tucson, and Melbourne.  I was also a co-organizer of the First AmeriDendro meeting in Vancouver, BC.  I have been an associate editor with the Canadian Journal of Forest Research since 2008.  I am adept at FaceBook, Instagram, and various blogging software.  My 15-year-old nephew has promised to teach me the Twitter.  If I am chosen for the position I will also be helped by the CEDaR communications collective (currently two PhD, two MSc , and three undergraduate students).

Grant Harley 

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Idaho. For the past decade, I’ve been involved with organizing dendrochronology sessions at the AAG annual meetings, and documenting sessions through social media platforms. My involvement in these sessions has included sending out the call for papers, communicating with presenters, session chairs, and co-organizers, and widely distributing information about the conference sessions. I also serve as a co-organizer for the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek (NADEF). With regard to communications, part of my NADEF responsibilities are to disseminate information through professional organizations, listservs, various social media platforms, and the NADEF webpage. If elected to serve TRS, I plan to [1] enhance the online presence of TRS, [2] modernize the website and keep content current, and [3] provide members with new ways to interact with TRS (i.e. 1-week/year membership drive) with the overall objective of increasing membership.

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Zulfiyor Bakhtiyorov

My name is Zulfiyor Bakhtiyorov, I am M.Sc of Dendrochronology at XIEG of CAS. The Chinese education is unusual; it is not similar to ours Tajikistan or even Russia. In China, everything you should learn by yourself, there is not any schedule: “What to do?” and “How to do?” Everything you want you should try to do, you must experiment. I have been a leader all my life – at school as the Leader of the Youth Movement; Russia, Moscow the Deputy Chairman of the Student Council and membership of Youth Parliament at the Moscow City Duma; Tajikistan, the Head of the whole course; China, Beijing/Urumqi I am an activist and participate in all possible competitions/performances and take an active part in student life and do everything possible to improve it. I can perform the function as the point of contact for student interests and activities.

Anabela Bonada 

I am a 1st year PhD student at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada. I started working in dendrochronology in 2012 at the dendrochronology lab in Mendoza, Argentina. I have participated in various dendro projects both in the field and in the lab, studying volcanoes, fire and floods. My current research is on the effects of precipitation and genetics on the growth of Nothofagus obliqua and Nothofagus alpina in the Andes of Patagonia, Argentina. I held the position of Secretary in the Organizing Committee of Ameridendro 2016, and I attended the South American Dendroecological Fieldweek, which took place in El Bolson, Rio Negro in 2016. Having spent four years at the Mendoza lab, and now working in the Guelph lab, I believe that I can be a good representative for students from various places, having an understanding of what it is like to work in two very different countries.

Jessie Pearl

Jessie Pearl is a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree Ring Research (LTRR). She is pursing a dendrochronology-based dissertation, using tree-rings to reconstruct climate of the northeastern United States. Jessie works besides 20+ Tree-Ring Society (TRS) student members who are based in and visiting the LTRR. In addition, she collaborates and has connected with student TRS members across the USA and the world, including Germany (GFZ Dendrochronology lab), Switzerland (WSL), Argentina (Mendoza), New York (Lamont Doherty TRL), and New England (Harvard Forest). Jessie hopes to build the TRS student community by hosting a breakfast/coffee at the 2018 World Dendrochronology conference, and keep an active online presence to best survey the interests of TRS students. As the future pioneers of tree-ring sciences, Jessie believes that student members are in an ideal position to collaborate and challenge the limits of tree-ring studies and build the TRS community

Atta Ur Rehman

I have completed my PhD course work in Department of Botany Hazara University KPK Pakistan. I have a grim determination to do my PhD research work in Dendro.  I have had 2 years as a lecturer in  Government Degree College Swat and 7 Years teaching experience in private/public institutions.  My lab experience includes:   Particle Induced X-rays Emission in Plants samples, National Center for Physics Quad-e- Azam University Islamabad.  Agromorphology at Agriculture Research Institute Mingora Swat.

Tissue Culture in Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture Peshawar.  Plants collection from different climatic regions of Pakistan.  Neutron robe for water use efficiency NIFA Peshawar.  Honey bee keeping NIFA Peshawar.  Antifungal activities Pathology lab. Hazara University.  Antibacterial activities Pathology lab. Hazara University.  Mushroom Collection and preservation Mycology Hazara Uni.

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