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Election Results for the Tree-Ring Society Executive Council 2024-2026

Position Elected Council Member Nominees and Write-Ins

President Jodi Axelson (99%) Yu Liu (1%)

Vice President Grant Harley (54%) Yu Liu (46%)

Treasurer Adam Csank (100%)

Secretary Elaine Sutherland (56%) David Rasch (44%)

Editor Steve Leavitt (99%) Other (1%)

DEI Officer Nicole Zampieri (100%)

Communications Officer Joe Buck (100%)

Student Officer Marthie Elizabeth Niemand Kemp (61%) Emeka Vitalis Nwonu (39%)

Congratulations to the new Executive Council Officers! The three-year term will begin on January 1, 2024.

Executive Council Position Descriptions 

President: Shall be the presiding officer at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Council. The President shall see that all undertakings authorized by the Executive Council are properly carried out. Acting on advice and consent of the Executive Council, the President shall appoint all necessary committees and define their duties. The President shall have the power to make appointments to fill vacancies in the Executive Council, subject to approval by three-quarters majority vote of the Council.

Vice-President: The Vice-President will support the President in their duties, lead special projects, and promote membership to the Society. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform the President's duties as outlined above.  

Treasurer:  Working with the President and the Editor, the Treasurer will: a) develop the
Society’s annual budget and present it to the Council for approval; administer the finances of the Society, ensuring that the financial records are maintained as appropriate for non-profit organizations and according to budgetary regulations approved by the Executive Council; be responsible for Society funds, spending them as authorized by the Executive Council, and provide a financial report to the Council at least quarterly and make an annual financial report available.

Secretary: The Secretary shall record minutes of Executive Council meetings including motions and actions, which are distributed to the Council via email; ensure that activities of the Council and membership are conducted according to Society policies; and conduct (or delegate conduct of) Society elections.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The DEI Officer will promote DEI values in the Society and at sponsored events (e.g., conferences) by working to ensure that all members, especially those who have been historically underrepresented in the tree-ring community and Society, are represented and included.

Communications: The Communications Officer works with the President and Executive Council to promote and coordinate communications with the membership, other dendrochronological societies, professional organizations, and the public. Responsible for maintaining and disseminating information on the Society website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Student Representative: The Student Representative is a current student in attendance at a higher learning institution, who will work to represent the Society student members, encourage membership of students to the Society as well as work to develop ideas and plans to promote the education and learning of dendrochronology within the student population.  

Editor: The Editor has the immediate responsibility for the Society journal, Tree-Ring Research.  The Editor shall have the power to appoint such advisors or assistants as required with the advice and consent of the Executive Council. The journal will be published subject to the financial constraints of the Society budget and is overall responsible for managing and overseeing the publishing vendor.

For questions or comments about the website or membership, contact Lori Wilson (trslori [at] gmail dot com. The Tree-Ring Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit association. 
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