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Our last meeting was World Dendro in Bhutan .... click for more information about this conference.  

The Florence Ellis Hawley Diversity Award provides travel funding and a talk for an early-career (post-doctoral) scientist to the WorldDendro meeting.   Thanks to all the donors that supported this award!

Call for 4thAmeriDendro Proposals, 2020

The AmeriDendro meeting is held approximately every four years for individuals interested in topics related to dendrochronology. This meeting is sponsored by the Tree-Ring Society (TRS) and designed to bring together researchers at all career stages. Previous AmeriDendro Meeting have been held in Vancouver (BC, Canada - 2008), Tucson (AZ, USA - 2013) and Mendoza (Argentina - 2016).  The TRS is soliciting proposals for the 4thAmeriDendro Meeting to be held in 2020. Proposals are due on December 15, 2018.    

Typically, the full conference schedule consists of a fieldweek before the meeting (7-9 days), software/ methods workshops (½ to full day), the meeting itself (~5 days) with possibility of a 1-day mid-week field trip, and post-conference tours of interesting areas in the region. Overall, the entire schedule occurs over about a three week-long period.

The conference program committee and program itself is expected to reflect diversity of gender, career stage, institutions, and tree-ring disciplines (anatomy, archeology, ecology, chemistry, climatology, fire, flooding, hydrology, geomorphology, hydrology, insects, isotopes, management applications, etc.). At the end of conference, the TRS will present its own achievement awards and expects that students will be recognized for best presentations and posters.  We invite other organizations to present awards at the same time if they care to do so. 

In your proposal please address the following items:  

  1. Introduction(Committee members).  Who will be the liaison with the Tree-Ring Society?
  2. Location(City, Institution, Conference Site) 
  3. Describe institutional support for this conference
  4. Support   TRS will provide some financial and logistical support for the conference.  TRS members shall receive reduced registration costs(usually greater than their annual membership fee).  

a.             Available: What financial support is available?  

b.             In-kind:  What in-kind support is available?  

c.             Other: What funds are you pursuing? Grants, commercial sponsorships, exhibitors, etc.

  1. Program Committee

 .              Whowill be in charge of organizing the Program Committee?  

a.             What will be the basisfor inviting members of the Program Committee?  

b.              Describe how the program committee will interact and how they will go about organizing the program.

  1. Logistics

 .              Whowill be in charge of organizing the meeting?  

a.             Describe the planned advertisingand  social mediaplan.  Where will the websitefor the conference be hosted?

b.             Size. How many people can the site comfortably host (others have had between 175-250 attendees)?  How many rooms (what size) are available for the meeting?

c.             Timing. During what approximate 3-week period (or periods) do you propose to hold the event? Justify this choice – what are the advantages of this time period (taking into consideration weather (season), cost, and schedules of program organizers and attendees.)

d.             Visas. Describe the process, length of time, and cost of obtaining visas for foreign attendees.

e.             Security. Discuss issues related to the security of the locale and how the personal security of the attendees might be achieved. 

f.              Travel.  

i.                 To what city or cities do you suggest attendees fly?  

ii.                 How far is it from the conference site?  

iii.                 How will attendees get to the site?

iv.                 Provide some example air ticket prices this year for the proposed 3-week event time period (fill out table 1, below).

g.             Lodging. Please provide a range of typical lodging costs in USD/Euros? 

 .                 Is the conference site walking distance from the available lodging? 

i.                 Is there inexpensive lodging (such as university dormitories or hostels) available?

h.             Fieldtrips:

 .                 What would be the proposed site(s) for a fieldweek?  Describe the facilities. How many people could attend the fieldweek? Cost?

i.                 What potential in-conference fieldtrips would be available? Cost?

ii.                 What potential post-conference fieldtrips would be available? Cost?

i.              Registration.  

 .                 About how much would registration cost? (We expect reduced registration costs for TRS members and for all students.)

i.                 What events would be included in the cost of registration (see example list, table 2)?  

j.              Attractions.  What attractions (restaurants, pubs, cultural attractions, etc) are walking distance around the lodging and conference location?

k.             Photos and weblinks.  Please include photos of the conference setting and fieldweek location as well as any pertinent webpage links to these sites and the sponsoring laboratories.

l.              Other details.  (optional)

Table 1.  Example ticket prices to your venue (at time of proposal submission)


Price $

Argentina - Buenos Aires

Australia - Sydney

Canada - Vancouver

Canada - Toronto

Chile - Santiago

Japan - Tokyo

Mexico – Cd. Mexico

Netherlands - Amsterdam

Russia - Moscow

UK - London

USA – Atlanta, GA

USA – San Francisco, CA

Table 2.  Example events.  Indicate whether they would be included in the registration cost or would be an extra cost.   



Included in cost?

Conference days



Student gatherings

Coffee breaks


Midweek field trip(s)?

Special gatherings (e.g., women’s, alumni, etc.)




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